How We Save Puppies

Daddles coffee was founded in beautiful Winter Park Florida in January of 2020, under the foundational belief that everyone deserves a delicious cup of coffee, that benefits loved ones. Daddles Coffee gives portions of the profit from every bag sold to an R&D group of Doctors and Scientists that are working hard to help dogs currently suffering from Heart Disease. They are also working from the genetic side of things to prevent these deadly diseases from affecting future generations of canines!

Coffee Made
By Hand

Each coffee bean crop is shipped by sea to a US port where a Daddles Coffee representative personally inspects the quality of the bean before transporting them to Winter Park, Florida for storage until it’s time for your custom batch roast. As orders arrive, the raw beans are roasted by hand one pound at a time to ensure consistency and the tastiest freshest roast every single time!

Organic, Fair Trade & Single Origin Coffee

Daddles Premium Coffee is proud to offer Silky Peruvian Perk, a fully Organic and FTO product where the Coffee Growers Co-operative returns profits into the Co-Op to improve coffee education and train a new generation of coffee growers.

We also pride ourselves with exclusively single origin coffee, but what does this mean? It means we do not dilute, mix or blend our coffee beans! You will experience coffee in its purest & freshest form!